The school was started in China in the 1970’s

From that time on, Dr Pang trained 1000’s of teachers. When the school closed in 2000, these teachers were scattered across China and the world.

I, Jeremy Colledge, started teaching Zhineng in the UK in 2005 and joined with two colleagues to start Teacher Training in 2012. (Three Monkeys School of Qigong)
We are slowly building a group of teachers round the UK.
With launching we will be undertaking to train many more teachers to run these programmes.

There are many wonderful Chinese teachers who travel the world helping to teach these healing arts. They will be an integral part of our system.

Europe was very quick to take up Zhineng Qigong. A lady in Holland trained in China in 1995, and has trained many teachers in Europe. In the USA, Zhineng has also been going for over 20 years, and is well represented there. It’s spread as far as Mexico, Argentina and New Zealand!

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