24 Days of what!?

Qigong has been shown to be exceptionally effective, especially when practiced every day, and in depth.

Meditation and Mindfulness are sweeping the world, and are being used by Doctors and Health Services all over.

A simple “clean” diet has been recognised as a cornerstone of good health since the times of Hippocrates.

Breathing exercises – well who doesn’t breath!?

These are the simple tenets of 24Days.org
The students will attend every day from 9am to 5pm for 24 consecutive days. (Half Days Saturday and Sunday)

Does it have to be 24 days? Dr Pang found that this cycle gave the best benefit for Students with serious chronic illnesses such as Cancers, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Stress. Students who are there for the full programme will get first priority.
Certain classes will be open every day for anybody to join in..

Before starting the course, Students should be registered with a local doctor, and have discussed this course, or been referred to the course by said doctor.
We would like Patients to have a check-up, before and after.

We will invite specialist teachers and speakers to present to the Students daily.
Students will learn Qigong exercise, Mediation techniques, and self-healing.
Students will learn to cook simply for themselves and eat what they cook each day
We suggest classes in Art Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance and movement. It would all depend on what’s available in your local area.

Who Pays!?

The Local Government may offer subsidies for attendees
It may be possible to offer free places if you can raise a bursary fund
Pay it Forward – Find a donor who will pay for a certain amount of people to attend, and then these people commit to paying what they can when they are well. (With little obligation – no point in stressing people back to ill health!)
Means Testing – Can a student afford to pay for themselves? Then clearly they should! If a Student is in receipt of benefits or pension, perhaps they could make a minimal payment?

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