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The Problem is two-fold – spiraling bad health with it’s associated high health costs.
The Secondary issue – local governments with unused buildings that are difficult to sell off for political or emotional reasons..

We wish to inspire YOU to start a 24 Day Programme where you live.

The biggest issue is always SPACE, where could we hold a residential programme for lots of people? One of my Students (Thanks Usha!) suggested a “day school” idea. Why struggle with the accommodation, if you can find a large town or city with lots of accommodation!? Brilliant!

In the UK our local councils often close older, smaller schools. Our NHS often has to close older smaller cottage hospitals. Very often Schools and Hospitals are “centralised” – leaving the old buildings as a “Mill Stone” round the local government’s necks….

Here’s the plan then

  • Step 1. Approach the local Education Authority or Health Authority about unused space.
  • Step 2. Long term leases are great, but Short term leases would work too.
  • Step 3. Negotiate a “pepper-corn” rent. (Sure! Can you imagine how much they’ll will potential save!?
  • Step 4. Funding. You may require some renovation of spaces, or some basic salaries to get started. The programme will require publicity – See Funding Ideas
  • Can your space accommodate other organisations (Get in contact with your local Men’s Shed, or WI. There are plenty of Mental Health and Senior Citizens organisations who would benefit from being able to use the space, and also recommend your services to their clientele

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